Tips on How to Sell with Facebook in India

Facebook enjoys a big network of over 2 billion users. It offers a great market to entrepreneurs who want to sell with Facebook. All they need to do is to create their Facebook business page. E-commerce stores are taking advantage of Facebook traffic to increase sales. Here are tips on how you can sell your products on Facebook in India.

Setting up the Facebook page

To start you off, you need to develop a Facebook Business page. The page will act as your Facebook store. To succeed, you may need to partner with an official Facebook partner. If you are setting up the Facebook business shop in India, chose a vetted Facebook marketing partner to work with. They will enable you to convert Facebook traffic into potential buyers and increase business revenue.

Setting up your Facebook shop

The best way to Connect and sell products to billions of Facebook users is to create your Facebook shop. Go to the left corner of your Facebook business page and click on the menu option. It will give you a wide range of options but since we are interested in creating a shop. Click on ‘Shop’ and start building your storefront. If you don’t see the shop option, change the template via the setting. Once the shop option is available, click on it and set up your shop. Notice that you will need to scroll through the settings to get the shopping template option.

Creating and building the Facebook store

It entails reviewing the policies, setting up the currency and checkout options. It ensures your experience of selling products on Facebook is enjoyable. You will need to agree with Facebook terms and policies before you are allowed to continue.  Also, it will prompt you to choose how you want customers to checkout from your store. If you already have an e-commerce website, your customers may checkout through it.

Once the store is up and running, you need to stock it. Stocking the shop can be done by adding images of the products you sell. The add product button allows you to upload photos of the products you sell.  Ensure that you use compelling images when doing this. Invest in a camera that gives you quality images if you want to succeed. Remember your customers know what they want to buy so if the pictures are not clear, the product may not look genuine.


Selling product on Facebook is as easy as 1, 2, and 3. But it can be quite frustrating if you don’t have a good plan. Ensure that you deliver all products purchased within the stipulated time. Use an e-commerce management platform to do this.

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